Monday, June 28, 2010

Tibu Leander

Tibu Leander - Photo by Wolf Leander

My dad was here about two weeks ago, and as always he spent a lot of time with Tibu.

Tibu is a three year old weimaraner that has become part of the family - his name is short for Tiburon (shark in Spanish).  I have tried to capture images of him with little luck - my old man, on the other hand, had his Leica M-6 with him (said he wants to get back into land photography) and did a few sessions with him.

I think Wolf really captured Tibu's soul and personality in the images (see all here) - something he has done over and over with his shark photography.  You see, when you take pictures of most animals (including humans) you need to be able to connect with them.  

Growing up and traveling with my dad, I would observe him talk to people of all walks and backgrounds before taking their portraits (he has a very solid collection - I think we need to develop a Latin American Dreams website :) ).  In many cases he even developed lasting relationships - he is the godfather of a little girl he photographed in Ecuador.

With animals, I have seen him done the same - gaining their acceptance to be photographed...spending hours in the water observing their behavior and understanding their unique personalities...

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Marcella Chamorro said...

He's absolutely beautiful, and his name finally makes sense. I wish he could be friends with my pug, Lucy. Congrats to your dad on the amazing photos.