Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Can't Stop Thinking about the Tiger Sharks of Aliwal Shoal...

To understand why, let me share these images with you; they were all taken in 2008 when Aliwal Shoal was at its best.

The Old Man in the Sea of his Passion
Photo: Felix Leander

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Tiger Sharks of Aliwal Shoal - gone, forever....
Photos: Wolfgang Leander

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sea life said...

Really Horrible tiger sharks pictures..I get scared..but nice to see that..thanks for such scaring tiger sharks pictures..
deep sea water

Wolfgang said...


Why scared? Tiger sharks are VERY gentle sharks, even if you feel that they look "horrible". You seem to suffer from some sort of a shark phobia; I know one "medicine" that will work 100% - go shark diving!!!

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