Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Curry in a Hurry....

I always thought that the best place to eat curries outside of India was London. After having been to Durban a few times, I am convinced that it is there where you will find the best Indian cuisine.

I love Indian food; to me it is the most divine food on earth - and probably also in heaven...

In Rocky Bay, which is close to Scottburgh, a couple of newly found friends and I decided to try out an unassuming Indian restaurant. Since I always wanted to be taught how to prepare a nice, hot curry dish, I thought I could get a cooking crash course by blackmailing the friendly owner of the restaurant, Sheila Behary.

Thus, I told
Sheila that we would eat in her place under the condition that she would have to teach me how to cook the dish I would order. Sheila is a very clever lady, and as she realized that I meant "business", she immediately agreed to accept my rather unusual proposal.

I then went straight into the kitchen and learned how to prepare a delicious vegetable curry under the watchful eyes of my teacher.

Sheila Behary and me.
Photo: Sophie van Coller

What can I say - "my" curry turned out to be a success story! In case you find it hard to believe, just look at the dishes and all the happy faces in this photograph:

Left to right: Dr. Leonard Compagnio, Lesley Rochat, Ram Behary, Sheila Behary, Sophie van Coller, Wolfgang Leander, Rejoice Ngwane.
Photo: Mark van Coller

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