Thursday, May 06, 2010

Second choice -

Reflecting on Tiger Beach
Photo: Wolfgang Leander
November 2009
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... or so I thought when I looked at this negative for the first time.

Today, I scrutinized it again, and now I don't think it is such a bad image.

Actually, I like it enough to share it with you, dear reader.

Just looking at it makes me want to be back with my striped friends. Gotta be a bit patient, though...

My next trips to Tiger Beach will be in November of this year.

I am planning to do at least two back-to back trips, probably three.

Would you like to join me? Here are the details:

My diving method at Tiger Beach is "FILO" (= first in, last out). I normally dive there 8 hours non-stop, and if you asked me what I'd do when I have to pee, well, then I would tell you that there are two types of divers: Those who pee in their wetsuits and those who lie about it... :-)


lyn nelson said...

I agree that it is a great shot. It shows how perfect the water was that week - smooth as a mirror.

The photo shows the slightest movement on the water's surface - the earth's gentle rhythmical pattern: no waves or even the slightest wind ripples.

It was a magical week. But the best for me was to be in the water with you, dear Wolfer.

lyn nelson said...

Plus you can see the little "upside down" remora!

Hanli Prinsloo said...

AH, Wolfy, it's a beautiful pic. It captures what our world down there is all about... that which you see, that which you don't and the millions of possibilities in between!
Wish wish wish I could join you in November, who knows... maybe it will happen... All my love alway

Jupp said...

Another Wolf - Master piece. Great shot Wolfie and I, too, can't wait to be at Tiger Beach again.