Friday, April 23, 2010

Jifa made it!! Yeaaahhhh!!

Da old Wolf playing with an Aliwal Shoal tiger lady.
Photo: Jean-Francois Avenier

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Two years ago, Jifa, aka Jean-Francois Avenier, seemed to have serious eardrum problems. As he could not equalize the pressure, he had to stay at the surface all the time - which greatly limited his photography.

Now, with silicone earcaps attached to his mask, and some expert advice from top freediver William Winram, Jifa finally managed to go down to 7-8 meters - and take
real underwater photographs, not underwater images shot slightly below the surface.

He sent me the above picture with a laconic comment:
"Better than nothing".

C'mon, Jifa, I know that despite being a hard-core Parisian you are modest, but you don't have to be
that modest...

I think this is a
fantastic shot!

What pleases me even more about this pic is that you took it with your good ol' Nikonos V, soul bro!!

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