Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet Mike DaShark!

Mike (close to 2m long) and "Scarface" (close to 5 m long)
Photo: Tim Rock

Do you want to know what makes a banker turned into a shark conservationist tick? In case you think about me - you are WRONG.

I am talking about Mike DaShark. Mike is one of the brainiest individuals I know, at the same time he is as pleasantly unassuming as you would expect an intellectual heavy-weight to be.

If I were asked to describe Mike in one sentence, I'd say this about him: Not a trace of hot air, no underdeveloped ego in need to be puffed up, no show biz on his own behalf, incorruptible, and solid as a rock inmidst the busy pettiness of self-interest that is so characteristic of most shark conservationist groups.

Mike is not an English native speaker; he hasn't even had a formal language training in English - he just picked it up and practiced it. And yet - few educated people speak and write English the way he does.

Here are, then, the thoughts of an ex-banker who abandoned a very successful investment banking career, and all that goes with it, to become a dedicated, hard working, and persevering shark conservationist in Fiji.

Mike - you rock!!


DaShark said...

Well well

a tit-for-tat for what I recently posted about YOU - huh? (:

Now, I'm embarrassed... and lemme tell 'ya, achieving that is not an easy feat!

Love you too Wolf - thank you!

The Sharkman said...

You are so right Wolfie..... Mike is one of a kind.... A true Gentleman who stands head and shoulders above the rest .. literally :-)
It was an honour and a pleasure to have met and dived with him.

Shark Diver said...

I would have to agree with that sterling write up, Mike is a rarity in the industry.

(Working overtime on the ego pump Mike hope your head does not explode:)

DaShark said...

Oh oh....

these things always have strings attached.... I just know that I'll have to pay for this 1... (:

In the meantime... 40 Bulls, plus Scarface today... life is good...