Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amanda Cotton and Shark Diver Magazine

Shark Diver Magazine upcoming cover - photo by Amanda Cotton

As per "A Cotton Photo" I became aware of Amanda Cotton's photo of two Tiger Sharks will be on the next Shark Diver Magazine as this issues will be distributed at this year's CITIES meeting in Qatar in an effort to promote eco-tourism for sharks.

Say Eli Martinez: "A slight change in plans! This is the new cover for issue 22. I originally had one of Andy Murch's images for the cover, but I was asked by the PEW institute if I would mind changing it to a less scary-in your face looking cover. The reasoning behind it is, issue 22 is going to be passed around at this years CITIES meeting in Qatar. The hope is to use the mag to promote eco-tourism for sharks. They asked to use SDm for this purpose. Something I was extremely proud to do. The new cover is by Amanda Cotton, this is the cover I had planned out for issue 23-so I decided it to just flip-flop issue # covers."

Congrats to Amanda for the great photo and to SDM to focusing more on eco / conservation content.

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