Monday, February 15, 2010

Miami Secrets...

Manny, Manuel, and Niberto

Ask most people and they will tell you that Miami is fished out...Ask Manuel M. and be ready to find animals in abundance; from stone crabs to lobsters to Cubera Snappers.  I cannot divulge any location - that is part of the deal with Manuel - I will say that they are in places you would least expect them to be.

Manuel was born and raised in Miami - an avid and great freediver, the ocean has been his playground since he was a small boy, learning from his father (the two still go out together).  

Growing up with friends that share the same excitement (unless the water is too cold - no reason to mention names) they have formed a tight bond and work well together.  Manny C has long dived with Manuel and has been around for some of the larger landings. 

Cubera Snapper

Having been out with them quite often I can also appreciate their respect for the, and only catch what can be eaten the same night.  Happens to be that Manuel is also one of those really "lucky" people - the right fish just seem to be attracted to him.  

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the right one, maybe on a trip to the Bahamas...

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