Saturday, January 02, 2010

The "Year of the Shark" initiative and its future.

Paul Spielvogel shot this captivating image of a lemon shark and a freediving sea wolf at Tiger Beach: It says what the "Year of the Shark" is all about - LET SHARKS LIVE!!!

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Here is what my friend Mark Harding, a committed shark and manta conservationist, wrote to the Let Sharks Live group today:


As part of our initiative to take the Year of the Shark on into the future, and to help our message grow, we had discussed the way that our web presence should progress, and the majority of opinion settled on a blog style presence.

I managed to find some time over the holiday period to register the Let Sharks Live movement as now owning a blog site hosted by worldpress. You can find it here:


Please also read what I posted about Mark almost two years ago.

Mark has a personal blogspot full of interesting stuff as well.

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