Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dance with a Tiger

Tiger Shark and Felix - Photo by Manuel Lazcano

Manuel Lazcano caught a great sequence: a Tiger shark dancing with me.  Actually, I think she was interested in my camera - this was not the only instance of a tiger shark coming at my video camera.  I had never seen a tiger shark come vertically up the way she did.  

Of course this was not an aggressive behavior or a quick motion.  She came up very slow and by gently hold out my camera I was able to move her to the side.

You can see the whole series here: OceanicDreams Flickr

On a separate day, a different and much larger shark decided to take my camera at the surface, tape was rolling - I will post the video later this week.

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Wolfgang Leander said...

Looking forward to watching the video you announced!!!