Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pure Energy - Barry Kulick

Felix Leander shaking fins with a lemon shark - Photo by Barry Kulick

Barry Kulick does not sleep...he is restless, and his brain is always working, composing, and thinking of the next shot.  When Barry told me that he hardly sleeps I thought he was kidding - he does have an odd sleeping schedule, but he is up most of the time and was working on his photographs early in the morning (3AMish), and in the water by 7AM to avoid the traffic and pollution (bubbles).

I had never met Barry before or heard of him...but he has been around for a while taking pictures all over the world...this trip was fun.  He started diving back in 1974 (it seemed like a great time to spend on planet Earth) and in 1977 started taking U/W for the Navy - a noncommissioned officer told him to do so.  It must have 1988 Barry became a professional photographer - I asked him which are his favorite subjects to photograph: "Don't have only ONE favorite - there are too many fascinating subjects in the world."

Barry uses a Nikon D2X camera with a Nexus housing and Inon strobes (he has three positioned in such a way that he looked like a 18-wheeler from far away).

To see some of Barry's work visit his websites at: and

Felix Leander and tiger shark - Photo by Barry Kulick

I have seen some of the photos he shot in the Bahamas and was very impressed by his work.  Hope to see more soon!

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Wolfgang Leander said...

Love the shot of you and the lemon shark shaking "fins"!!!