Saturday, December 19, 2009

"I am too old for this shit..."

David and Gee after canyoneering - Photo by a friend of theirs

I kept hearing this over and over again from a guy that enjoys canyoneering through cracks that are about 7 inches wide and dives with sharks - I think everyone would be too old for that shit.  At least he cannot say: "I am too old for this shit" when talking about work...David is retired and enjoying his hobbies to the fullest.  Of course he is only joking about the being old - he is actually a pretty young dude considering he is already retired.  The line became the joke of the trip - he was even considering printing it on his business card.

David, the dot, coming down a waterfall - Photo by a friend of theirs

David Wirt lives in Moab, UT - he calls it the most beautiful place on earth, he may very well be right.  When not in UT (David is not Mormon) he spends his time in Thailand with his better half and even funnier than him Gee.  David has a laugh that is extremely contagious (and he is easy to get to laugh - which made me think I was comedian material).  Both make a great couple and you can tell that they truly enjoy life (you could feel the positive energy around them) - and Thai food!

David has been diving for a long time, on this trip he brought with him the Nikonos SLR - large and heavy underwater camera that uses film - my dad was pretty excited to see that someone else was as "old" as he is -  still waiting for his photographs (you know how that is, development, printing, scanning, etc).  I was interested in listening to David's canoyneering stories and what goes behind the sport.

David and his camera - Photo by: Felix Leander

I have an open invitation to visit David in Moab to go canyoneering and I think I will take him up on that - so long I do not get too old for that shit...

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Lucas Vilanova said... always have to consider that your never too old for anything...