Monday, December 21, 2009

Duck "Doc"??

Photo: Wolfgang Leander

--------- yes, that's right: The one and only Shark "Doc" also loves ducks. He has a few in his house, just to have them, not to eat them. I have forgotten their names but they all do have names as befits full-fledged members of a family.
"Doc" hand-feeds his ducks and talks to them in their language which is what true animal lovers generally do - Quack, quack ... :-).
A couple of weeks ago, when Karin and I were still in Miami, "Doc" and his charming wife Marie invited us and our kids, Felix and Carmen, over for coffee and cake. The cookies they offered us were good, old Jewish "rugelach" - the sweet equivalent of "gefilte fish", as it were.

We had much fun with the Grubers, but not only that: Being around the "Docman", as I call Samuel, is always an inspiring educational experience.
While I learned quite a bit about the sharks' highly developed intelligence, Karin got an expert introduction into the anatomy of the upper human spine - actually, Samuel explained Karin with a truly DaVinciesque drawing why he needed an operation of his neck.

Photos: Wolfgang Leander

If you want to learn something about lemon shark behavior, try to meet the "Doc", and if you are lucky enough to get invited for lunch or dinner, you can be sure that the hospitable Grubers will serve you excellent stuff, Japanese, American, East European, just about anything that is exquisite - but duck!!....

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