Saturday, November 07, 2009

Second Chances

Wolf getting ready for a dive - Nov. 2008.  Photo by Amanda Cotton

One year ago everything was perfect - at least close to it - diving in the Bahamas with a great group of people and my old man.  When the week came to end I just assumed that I would repeat the trip next year and the ones to come after that, never even thinking that this could possibly be the last time I dive with my dad.  Was I wrong...

2009 started off with me discovering that I had WPW - needed an ablation - not so bad, but you can imagine how concerned one becomes when it has anything to do with the heart - especially thinking that you may not be able to dive again.

Then my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer - which was successfully removed (including his stomach), then had a pneumonia while in intensive care (he had to be induced into a six day coma), and, finally, had to endure a four months intense radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

June / July I have a SVT and need to have another ablation - doctor promised me that it would be the last one...which so far it has been.  During all this I never stopped diving and the heart has not been an issue - tick tock, it is ticking.

So all this things combined have made it a bad year? Well - my wife says it has actually been a great year: My father survived a massive illness, my heart is good, and tomorrow I am off to dive with my old man for the first time in a year.

Second chances - appreciate them!

I'll write from the Bahamas but will post after as there is no internet connection on board the Dolphin Dream.


lyn nelson said...

Your words touched me, Felix, and reminded me to be grateful for it all. How lucky you are to have experienced diving with the Bahamian Tiger Girls with your dad.

I will always be grateful to Wolfer for introducing me to the Tiger Girls last year...and just about insisting that I go again this year - which I am. Thank you, Wolfer. I cannot wait to dive again with you, too!

I hope you both have the absolute best time with your sweet Tiger Girls this week...and each other!

Ila France Porcher said...

Oh, Felix, how beautiful it is that you are together underwater again. I am so touched by the complicity entre you and your father.

Nothing could have pleased me more than to have heard that you and Wolfie are again diving.


Wolfgang Leander said...

Lyn and Ila:

You are both very sensitive ladies which is why I love you. Thank you for your kind words.

It is indeed a privilege for me to dive with Felix whom I introduced to the underwater world when he was not even two years old.


Wolfer / Wolfie

tchely_brown said...

Felix and Wolf, I am very happy to know you are diving together again. I really couldn't imagine it nine months ago, in those tough days at the hospital here in Brazil.

It is amazing to see your power to overcome obstacles, your love for sharks and your love for each other. You deserve this "second chance", so enjoy it a lot.

I wish Iemanjá protects you in all seas.

A big hug to you, Karin and Carmen.


Felipe C said...

Love it .... I am so glad to hear that everything turned out OK my friends!