Thursday, September 10, 2009

South Africa Sharks Need Your Help

A message from Lesley Rochat founder of AOCA (please sign the petition at end):

"Hello Everyone,

I have been running a petition for the protection of a number of shark species in South Africa and getting ready to submit it. Our fishery department is in the process of revising the National Plan of Action for the conservation and management of our sharks, a document drafted in 2000 and subsequently referred to as the National Plan of INaction. It is therefore important for us to get this petition in shortly.

I am trying to get a last boost of signatures and will appreciate your help. So far we have about 5000 signatures but of course more would be better. Please sign it if you have not already and then send it to as many people as possible, your support will be greatly appreciated.  

Herewith the Petition link:

Kind regards, Lesley Rochat"

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