Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diving South Beach

Yesterday I went diving a few miles off South Beach with some friends with the intent to get dinner - I was not expecting any sort of decent visibility from previous trips or any decent size fish for that matter.  But as luck would have it, we had both.

We dove a wreck and a cemetery, but it was not until the last location that we would find our last keeper and an hour and a half ordeal to get the grouper out of the hole he was in.  While I was not hitting anything, Manuel clearly had it aim on - but to get the fish out or part of it was a complete team effort.  The fish was wedged in a hole about 45FT deep and in the end we basically had to fillet the fish underwater to get it out - but it was worth it.

Oddly enough, no sharks came by, not even a disappointing.

Regardless it was a fun and exhausting day - and the snappers last night that we prepared on the BBQ were well worth the workout...


Claudio said...

Nice Felix! Am glad you are having fun on your spearfishing excursions. I went out to RI yesterday to a new, deeper location -- about 45 feet as well -- and speared 3 large Togs, one of which was my personal best at 8 pounds.


leilani said...

I love your disclaimer ! =0)

Felix Leander said...

Hi Leilani - unfortunately we had a lot of people saying that we were promoting a "dangerous" sport...hence the disclaimer.