Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Doc" Gruber Madly in Love .....

Photograph: Kristine Stump
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...... or should I say: "Doc" Gruber having a quasi-religious experience?

Whatever - there is not much I can add to this fantastic image. Maybe this: It is hard NOT to fall in love with the striped babes whom Dr. Samuel Gruber, undisputedly one of the most respected shark researchers world-wide, calls the Buddha Sharks.

Only self-styled "shark experts" with little or no personal and up-close experience with these awesome creatures invariably refer to tiger sharks as one of the most 'dangerous' shark species, not to mention the notorious media people, and those infamous and coward shark hunters who portray them as "
man-eaters". Stupid ignorants all.

Does this female tiger shark look as she'd like to eat our one and only "Doc"?

I'd say it is rather the "Doc" who'd like to give the tiger girl a hearty love bite.... :-)


WhySharksMatter said...

I feel kind of dirty watching this. Give the man some privacy, Wolf.

Wolfgang Leander said...

I asked Doc for pemission to blog this, and sent him the text before I posted it.