Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spear-fisher encounter with Caribbean Reef Shark

Caribbean Reef Shark, Bahamas, Photo by: Wolf Leander

CNN had a fairly "normal" piece on a recent shark incident involving a spear-fisher; reason I say normal is because I did not feel it anyway sensationalized the situation.

Watch the video here.

Essentially a spear-fisherman / guide takes other spear-fishermen on fishing trips in the Bahamas - one of these tourists panicked as shark got to close and decided to shoot shark in head - instigated an already potentially dangerous situation even more. Unfortunate for the guide that he got the worst of the aggression.
Some thoughts:
  • Diver panicked and shot shark - if you are not comfortable around sharks get out of the water (and if spearing...)
  • Shark felt threatened and defended itself after diver attacked it
  • Careful who you take into the water - specially in spear-fishing circumstances, need more OceanSmart people
  • Neal Watson claims that Caribbean Reef sharks are "safe" while lemons are dangerous - WHAT? Caribbean Reef sharks can be like street dogs and in packs even bolder. I would rather be in the water with a Tiger Shark than a Reef (personal opinion - as are all other points above.
  • A lot more potentially dangerous things happening in the Bahamian waters than the Tiger Beach
Happy ending - both spear-fisher guide and shark will live. Discovery - some more Shark Porn material for Shark Week 2010

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