Thursday, July 02, 2009

One Year and I Still Miss Kevin

Painting by Shane Petersen of Kevin Haythe from a photo I took of him in London at the end of June, 2008

Today marks the one year passing of a very good friend of has been a long year, it has been a short year depending on the day and how I look at it...It has been long in that so much has happened since (traveled to several continents which I should have done with Kevin). It has been short in that it feels like yesterday when I got the call.

At the time, the first thing I did was go onto Google and find something about Kevin that I could hold on to...there was not much (now there is a lot more)...but what I found, I kept, and the few words embody who Kevin was.

This was in response to a wine blogger / podcaster who apparently had lost his job and was considering to quit his hobby:

"Dude. Cowboy up. If your podcast sucked I might be a little worried about you. But your site and your insights are a lot of fun to listen to. I’m a neophyte when it comes to wine, but I’ve learned a lot from you. I travel to Europe a lot and enjoy listening to your podcast in the morning on Thursday while I run on the treadmill. Can’t do without it, so even if it is about 2 Buck Chuck, keep it coming.

Someone who has so much passion in life (and for the right things) can only land on his feet. I’ll look forward to the day you look back on this and laugh. You got to admit, life is a pretty good thing anyway you slice it." - Kevin Haythe

Kevin was a mensch - a great person to be around and all about living...the last conversation him and I had he told me - "Live in the moment" - and that I try to do every day...

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