Friday, July 24, 2009

Freedivers and an Octopus

Had a day off work today - semi-day off. Decided to go for a shore dive out of Ft. Lauderdale with a couple of friends - Nico and Alex (both freedivers as well). I really was not expecting much - but I must say that it was actually a very good dive - the visibility was not great or depth (max. 25ft) - but there was a lot of marine life. Coral was somewhat dead, but the fish population was high.

Saw a lot of bait fish - was really hoping for a shark to come along - did not happen, I did see a massive tarpon though. But the highlight of the dive for me with diving with an was very small and hiding in the sand - however, when I put my hand close to him, he would reach out with his tentacles and explore my hand - the suckers produce a very strange sensation.

This reminded my of a story that my father told me when we were living in the Bahamas...outside our apartment was a reef and he would go there often - for about two weeks he made friends with a little octopus - apparently the relationship grew very close - my dad would give the little octopus his watch and he would play with it and give it back. Unfortunately after a hurricane the octopus was gone...

This story was going through my mind today and this little guy was feeling my hand with his tentacles...

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