Monday, July 20, 2009

False Alarm

I have been going to the pool for the last few months - training - doing laps, both over and underwater, dynamic, and static. Usually the training is supervised and when I am alone I do not push myself.

Today was an unsupervised day...there were two kids in the pool and their I started my static session, I did one minute, then two minutes, and as I did three I started to hear screams just at about the two minute mark.

I could not make out what the person was shouting about or at who...and then it made sense - they were shouting at me. A lady on a balcony looking down at the pool thought that I had drowned and was hysterical. The mother came to me and asked if I was okay - I gave her a thumbs up with my face still underwater - the lady on balcony continued to shout...I started waving my arms, but she continued. So I had to cut my last repetition short, look at her, wave, and calm her down - I was on a clear path to hitting the 11 minute mark (not).

What a good Samaritan - not sure how she would have saved my life if I was really drowning...but it was a valiant attempt. I already told Carmen that she will need to come down with me from now on - just to avoid the paramedics showing up.

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Carmen Narvaez said...

or you could use a floating flag that says "aquaman in session" :)