Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of graceful tiger sharks and the irresistible lure of license plates

Photo: Wolfgang Leander (2008)
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I wish I were eloquent enough to describe the grace of these voracious predators that won't even leave a peaceful rusty license plate alone.

A friend reminded me of ONE incident that happened decades ago when a license plate was found in the stomach of a tiger shark. The message is clear but wrong: If these ruthless killer sharks eat metallic objects they will also eat humans.

Such are most "Shark Week" fans - they are unforgiving and won't learn.

This same friend warned me of expressing too much love toward tiger sharks - otherwise I could find my end like that bear hugger who was killed and eaten by the very grizzly he tried to befriend.

That poor guy made a big mistake - he should have carried a honey pot to pacify his pet.

In the future I will only dive with a 'tiger shark treat' attached to my belt - an old license plate. You never know, it could save my life... :-)

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