Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Call for questions for Discovery Channel Executive Paul Gasek Shark Week

David Shiffman, of Why Sharks Matter blog is asking our community for a "few good questions" to ask / interview Discovery Channel executive Paul Gasek:

As per David's post:

"The shark blog-o-sphere has been buzzing lately with calls for a boycott of the Discovery Channel over its portrayal of sharks in the famous “Shark Week” series. People are concerned that the sensationalized shark films gives sharks a bad name at a time when they most need our help.

Nearly every shark blogger I know has gotten involved"

As Wolfgang Leander at Oceanic Dreams says,

"sensationalistic portrayal of sharks on the yearly “Shark Week” programs is not to educate but to irrationally frighten the general public by using the “Jaws” stereotype presented as the true nature of these fabulous creatures of the oceans”

Patric at Underwater Thrills refers to falsely portraying sharks as violent and dangerous as “shark porn” , and proposes that he and other professional shark diving operators adopt a “contract for sharks” that stops these kinds of films from being made in the first place.

The Shark Safe Project posted a letter from one of their members calling on the Discovery channel to “Educate their viewers and not (B.S.) them”

Ila Porcher, another shark advocate, has even started an entire new blog just dedicated to this controversy called “Discovery’s Shame”.There is also a petition, which you can sign here if you’re interested. Her manifesto, which everyone else is circulating, can be found here.


Please post questions as comments on David's blog here.

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