Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shark Free Marinas

Timing could probably not be any better. After all the negative stories that have been coming out of the shark diving industry (negative stories in the press thanks to a few egocentric individuals - who happen to have de-friended me on Facebook), the landing and killing of a beautiful large female hammerhead shark, and ongoing tournaments encouraging sport fishermen to kill sharks for fun...there are some positive things happening.

The people over at
Shark Divers have formalized a concept of shark free marinas and given the program some legs.

Please visit www.sharkfreemarinas.com to see what I am talking about and help spread the word.

"The Shark-Marina has a singular purpose, to reduce worldwide shark mortality. Today the not-for-profit company launches its strategy which intends to prevent the deaths of millions of vulnerable and endangered species of shark. The initiative aims to win over the fishing community by working with game fishing societies, tackle manufacturers, competition sponsors and marinas to form community conscious policy." - to read the complete story click here:

Underwater Thrills:Swimming With Sharks: Shark Free Marinas - Official Website

The platform is there, the resources are there, the materials are there, now it is up to us help get the concept implemented where ever sharks are being hunted and displayed for pure fun and macho purposes.

Would love to see the Bahamian shark diving operators such as Stuart's Cove and Unexso drive this in my home country - maybe even Neil Watson will help implement this throughout

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