Sunday, May 10, 2009

Are You Man Enough Shark Challenge

I am not kidding - this is the name of a shark fishing tournament that is taking place this June 6 - 7, 2009 in Ft. Myers, Florida. The people over at Shark Safe Project are organizing a demonstration after several attempts to have the format of the tournament changed to catch & release without any luck.

The Protest Demonstration will be held May 23 and 24 2009 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida,
Participants will meet at View Map Lynn Hall Park at 11:00 AM. Please bring a sign or banner to get your message out.

Please come and support the cause...

For more information regarding Shark Safe Project go to


WhySharksMatter said...

I'm tempted to disagree with you just for old times' sake, Felix, but yeah, this tournament is pretty ridiculous.

Felix Leander said...

:) - just read your post on Four Things Everyone needs to know about Sharks


...I think this fits the bill on a micro level.