Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oceanminds: Facebook underwater

I tried out Oceanminds, a social network that describes itself as "Ocean preservation through social networking" was founded by Nico Danan and Cliff Etzel. Think of Facebook but for ocean enthusiasts. I believe this just launched today, but people are already signing up.

Says Nico and Cliff: "
We decided it was time to regroup the water tribe in one place on the web to promote the environmentally conscious lifestyle of the Ocean Minded people. Exchange ideas, content, photo, video and share projects to promote a healthy environment and most of all to continue to enjoy the Blue Planet for generations to come!"

Definitely worth checking out...

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bluprojekt said...

Thanks for the posting Felix.

Nico and I really feel it's time for a website like this to be a meeting place for the water tribe. We're still running thru the initial launch pains and I'm sure we'll have more glitches along the way - but we're hoping it will provide a common venue for all who are "Ocean Minded" ;)