Thursday, March 05, 2009

David Ulloa: Filming Sharks with the Power and Beauty of Poetry

David Ulloa

It took me about ten minutes to come up with this title, and without wanting to praise myself, it couldn't have been more accurate to describe David Ulloa in a nutshell.

I met David last fall when we both signed up for a dive trip to Tiger Beach. David is a professional film producer, cameraman, technical diver, script-writer, director, and above all a warm and compassionate human being. We felt at once the bond of friendship that comes from the heart. A platonic coup de foudre as it were.

Felix and David had the same going between them. Thus, one could also say ours is a platonic
menage a trois - to stay in French... :-)

David in full gear - he must love what he does otherwise he couldn't put up with all that stuff

David's love of animals, and his ability to speak, whisper, sing silently to them in their language, be they horses, dogs, birds or sharks is absolutely stunning. He connects with animals on a level that is almost magical as you feel immediately, actually can see, how they respond to the communicative energy he emanates.

I have learned from David in thirty minutes just watching him handling horses more than I could have gathered from a scholarly treatise on man-horse interaction.

"Doc" Gruber and I were in Nassau last week to meet with some government people in shark protection related matters. As a "sales" tool I had requested David to furnish me with a short video clip of our friendly shark encounters at Tiger Beach.

This is what David put together - have a look, and you will agree with me that when David films underwater, it is the poet who writes, not the sophisticated camera technician who records.

David Ulloa's shark films are not documentaries about sharks - they are odes to them.

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Jupp said...

Beautifully written Wolf and I agree with every word you said about David.