Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Shark of a Dinner

Wolf Leander, Felix Leander, Samuel Gruber

Last Thursday the Grubers invited my dad and me to their home and dinner. While initially the conversations were mostly about sharks - they quickly went into all kinds of directions and topics which actually was very pleasant. The Wolf and the Doc have a lot more in common than just sharks.

Wolf, Felix, Marie, Doc

After dinner, the Doc was kind enough to give us a tour of his office (not the ocean one) - every photo and book has a great story in that room - and it is a sharky room. We had Japanese tea (Genmaicha) and cookies to end the night. Marie gave me a bag of the tea to take home - it was that good.

Wolf, Felix, Doc

Marie, the Doc's wife, is extremely warm hearted, fun, and full of energy. I spent most of the night talking to her - was great listening to her stories about the shark lab (in Bimini), the old Miami, and her family. I knew her son-in-law at a previous employer - at the time Brett mentioned to me that he was dating Marie's and Doc's daughter Aya, a law professor AND a talented musician. I had shown Brett OceanicDreams - never did I imagine then that I would actually meet the Grubers.

Just wanted to thank Marie and Doc again for everything...

On another note, my dad left for Nassau yesterday for a memorial service for one of his best friends,
Guy Meeker.

Next week Doc will meet up with the Wolf there...more to come on that.

Felix and Doc

PS - have a look at Fallz (Aya Gruber's and Brett's music project) and if you ever need any search engine optimization (SEO) be sure to check out The Hits Doctor.

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