Sunday, February 08, 2009

15 minutes of transitory fame

Very funny, huh??
Photograph: Roger Horrocks

Some people get much more - and some much less...

My old man got only about 15 seconds, on radio, and the BBC comedians were making fun of him. BBC Radio 4 has a segment called "Friday Night Comedy" - and for some odd reason they spoke about the Wolf diving with tiger sharks in Aliwal Shoal.

The punch line was that despite having been bitten by a shark (which was not a tiger shark, and the bite wound was really just a superficial cut that required out-patient surgery), the Wolf still swims with these animals. I don't think it's that funny, or else funny at all - but then again, I am not really familiar with the subtleties of the famed British humor...

Have a (canned) laugh

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Scuba Diva said...

No, I don't get it either.