Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loblaws and Great Canadian Superstores sells shark fin soup

It has been a long time since we have heard anything from Rob Stewart - almost three months of silence on his blog...I think this is also the first time since all the movie fanfare that he has talked about something else than awards, show times, or parties.

So this definitely deserves a repost:

"The Great Canadian Superstores (owned by Loblaws) are now selling canned shark fin soup in time for the Chinese New Year. After Sharkwater’s release in Canada, Galen Weston, the CEO of Loblaws, brought me out to dinner with his wife Alexandra, and expressed his great interest in supporting the cause…..

Selling shark fins en masse; supporting the destruction of sharks, the oceans and the ecosystems we depend on for survival is how Loblaws supports the cause. Its outrageous that its happening in our own backyard… after we already know shark populations have dropped more than 90%.

Help us fight this, and show Loblaws and Galen Weston that this was a bad decision… and lets get shark fin removed from Canadian Superstores. There’s still time to turn this around.

1. Sell your loblaws stock. Now!
2. Write letters to:
3. And call Galen Weston’s corporate office:
(416) 922-2500"

Rob - lead this effort - you already have the connection!

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