Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tiger Beach Freedom

Where on earth can you find this??

(Photo: Fiona Ayerst)

This is what makes Tiger Beach so unique: The incredible clarity of the Bahamian Sea, the submarine beach, and the majestic tigers...

Felix and I have the added bonus that
Captain Scott Smith of the "Dolphin Dream" allows us to freedive with the sharks. While it may not sound like a big deal, it is Scottie's way of saying: "I trust you guys as you know what you are doing."

Diving freedom and as little interference from the operator as possible (preferably none at all) is what I want, indeed need, to feel good when I dive with sharks.

I have free-dived almost all my life alone; it's been forty years when I saw my first shark while spear-fishing in the Virgin Islands. I was 27 then. Many shark operators are in their late thirties or early forties - what can they tell an old, saggy bagged sea wolf about shark-diving? :-)

Feeling good in good company...

(Photo: Dr. iur. Paul "Playbird" Spielvogel

To imagine that somebody would tell me: Kneel down, here is your shark billy just in case, form a semi-circle, and don't touch "it" (touch what?, the fish called Wanda? :-) would be totally unacceptable - NO WAY, JOSE. Not for me!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you name is not Wolfgang "Ritter" or are you related?

You say you want to conserve sharks, then why don't you leave them alone?

Shark Harasser = Wolfgang Ritter

From The Ritter fan club

Felix Leander said...

Hi Anonymous - what is your point? Secondly, why do you hide your identity? Man up...

Anonymous = coward

From the anonymous fan club.

Anonymous said...

The point is we heard the same stuff from Ritters mouth as we hear now from the Wolfgangs mouth.

Ritter did tremendous damage to shark conservation in the eyes of the public and all his scientific peers.

Now we can add Wolfgang to the Ritter and Manny Puig club.

Telling people sharks are harmless and showing them to go touch them will result in damage also.

Then to go killing other fishes that are important to marine eco system all for a little human fame.

Shame on you!!!!

The marine eco system fan club.

Save our oceans, keep idiots like these people out ocean they only make things worse.

Felix Leander said...

Hi Anonymous - thank you for still reading our blog. While I respect your opinion, I do not respect the fact that you feel you need to insult people - especially still doing this anonymously.

I am not sure how you arrived to the comparison of Ritter and Wolfgang - he is just a photographer that happens to enjoy diving with sharks. He is not making any scientific statements and definitely not looking for fame.

Not sure what you mean by killing other fish...are you a vegetarian?