Thursday, December 04, 2008

Amanda's Frog

My son already introduced Amanda Cotton to you. Actually, I wanted to do it but Felix was faster.

To show you the quality of Amanda's work, here is the portrait of a little frog she found one day entering her home.

Copyright: Amanda Cotton
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Amanda immediately recognized that this was not an ordinary frog but a frog with an 'attitude'. So, she quickly improvised an appropriate Frog Photo Studio with a white empty box, put Mr. Froggie gently in it - and produced this stunning masterpiece.

There are few photographers who combine talent with a very solid technical background - Amanda is one of them. She is most creative yet painstakingly meticulous at the same time.

Fiona would probably describe Amanda as the
quintessential professional photographer.

On the human side, Amanda is profound and warm-hearted, refreshingly inquisitive, energetic, and full of genuine empathy for people and animals.

If I were to describe her succintly, I'd say:
"Amanda, you absolutely rock!"


Fiona Ayerst said...

I agree and I would certainly say that!

Jeanie Rex said...

Awesome, enchanting photo.