Friday, November 21, 2008

Patric Douglas is "ONE"

A while back, the people over at Shark Diver started a self-sufficent program that benefits sharks and helps marinas become greener - the concept is simple and has been implemented by various marinas in The Bahamas.

The program can be implemented anywhere there are sharks and spread the word.

I applaud Patric's work and foward thinking in developing this.


Robert said...

1 is not a few.

From FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2008

Our goal is to have these signs and public education material at a minimum of 30 marinas in the Bahamas. Based on the initial response thus far it looks like we might just meet this goal.

in 6 months there is 1 marina.
Way to go Pat.

Felix Leander said...

So help us get more Robert...