Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Neil Hammerschlag - Saving the Blue

Neil Hammerschlag is a Ph.D. Candidate in Marine Biology and Fisheries at the University of Miami, Rosensteil School for Marine and Atmospheric Science and co-directs the South Florida Student Shark Program (SFSSP), a multi-disciplinary education and research program providing practical-hands-on marine field research experience for high school and undergraduate students, and is working in collaboration with the National Parks Service to establish a unique virtual distance education project to bring ocean exploration into classrooms via live online interactive wireless communications.

I just recently started to donate to his student program after my prior shark foundation experience was not too fulfilling... Neil invited my father and me to go out with him late this Novemeber - very much looking forward to this (not as a result of my small donations :-).

In addition, Neil is also part of a new project: Save the Blue whose current campaign is to bring the movie Sharkwater, together with WildAid, to China. If there is one place that Sharkwater needs to be shown extensively it is here. Enough with the Festivals and Awards - bring the movie to where it will really make a difference.

A little secret - he is a terrible bowler...

Just to be clear I am not happy the direction the Sharkwater team has taken - but I do support the fact that Save the Blue and WildAid are trying to distribute and show the movie in Asia...

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