Thursday, September 11, 2008


Usually it is my dad that embarrasses me with silly photos of when I was a "baby" - so I thought it was time for some payback.

As my dad got older, he got weaker and weaker - usually happens. This became evident year after year as my dad would try to pull himself onto the boat after a dive. Some good laughs as he hung over the side trying to get up...I guess all the chuckles got to my old man, he has taken it upon himself to hit the gym, and pretty hard.

Apparently he gained 4kgs of muscle, not is the picture that proves the hard work...not bad considering he is 67...not sure if he will be kicking ass (or getting more a#% for that matter.... :-) - but I do think he will now be able to get on any boat.


Ila France Porcher said...

Good going, Wolfie. Not only smart, cute and courageous, but strong as well!!! Keep up the good work for yourself, as well as for sharks.

David White said...

Obviously Felix is not in any way intimidated by the "new and improved" version of his dad. Good for you Wolf; you may even have inspired me to get back to the gym.

Felix Leander said...

Believe it or not, sometimes he does intimidate me - but with his dirty looks