Monday, September 22, 2008

I just could not resist......

...... getting Chiara a companion. He is Lupi, short for 'Lupino' (= Little Wolf in Italian), an exceptionally beautiful brown-eyed husky.

I discovered Lupi in one of the many 'mean streets' of Cochabamba, and immediately realized that this aristocratically looking dog was displaced and most definitely did not belong into the 'plebeyan' dog ambiente of a dirty backstreet.

Before snatching him I asked the neighbors if they knew whose dog he was, and since they all confirmed to me that they did not know, I bribed Lupi with a piece of bread (he was starving), and took him straight to the vet for shots, anti-parasite pills, and a delousing bath.

That was three days ago. Chiara was extremely jealous of Lupi in the beginning, and let the husky boy unmistakingly know who the boss is. Consequently, Lupi would not dare to hump Chiara. Now if that is not showing a refined lady due respect?

Theirs is becoming an harmonious relationship, much to my delight as this was precisely what I had in mind when I '
dognapped' Lupi.

I just loooove these dogs, and I am very happy to have them but I had to promise Karin not to adopt (= rob) another canine gamin, even if he / she looked noble and displaced.....

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Anonymous said...

Oooooh! He is just gorgeous!