Friday, September 05, 2008 will once be called to account by the international public...

As has done nothing with regard to facilitating the shark fin trade on their site, we hardly expect an answer from them any time soon.

Currently they list over 500 results for "shark fin" - unfortuntately, some are even from the US.

Having said that, we still continue to attempt to reach out to them - maybe not as nicely anymore...

From the Wolf to the spin doctors at

"One day, when you will have to yield to public pressure, and decide to stop hawking shark fins, you will hypocritically babble something about your respect for people's "cultural choices".

You will declare that you were not "taking sides in the issue" but just complying with the expectations of your shark fin trading clients to enable them to pursue their business as any other member of your platform.

War criminals put on trial invariably state in their defense that they were just "following orders".

You and your superiors have the same mentality.

I know that you don't feel ashamed at all about being sly complices in the environmental crime of exterminating sharks, mainly to satisfy your countrymen's insatiable appetite for a dish that should taste bitter by now."

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