Friday, June 13, 2008

Leander Family Photographs - how BORING!!!!

I still thought some of you might enjoy this pictorial journey into our private past. More than that, it it a tribute to Karin and Felix - my family. What and where would I be without them?

Karin and I met in May 1975 - and we are still together. Need I say more? Well, yes, as any good marriage ours was hell at times.

Because of Felix, divorce was never a real issue although we both had to toy with the idea to keep our sanity when the going got rough. So, in a way it was Felix who saved our marriage. For that I thank him.

God does not exist for me, yet, Felix was his (or her?) greatest gift to me. Felix has taught me more about life and myself than all the books I have read.

Karin had (and still has) much patience putting up with me. She often said to me that no other woman on earth would have stayed with 'ze Wulf' longer than a couple of short years. I know she is right.

Schoenes Karinchen, let me then also say 'thank you' to you. Thank you for sticking around, I do appreciate it a lot. As prosaic as that may sound, it comes from that part of my heart that is off limits for everybody except you and Felix - and Tibu, our granddog... :-)

I will start the show with two pictures that say more than 2000 words:

(click on the images to enlarge them)

Karinchen a few months before we got married...

Karinchen a few months after we were married.....

Was Felix a schnuffel or was he not?? As a matter of fact, he still is my schnuffel ('Schnuffel' is one of those German words you don't have to look up in a dictionary to know what they mean).

Yeap - that's my family - nice, huh?


Aren't they gorgeous? (Forgive me for being so biased!!)

That's how this boy was / is - warm and plain friendly.

Poor Felixchen - adolescence has got to be the worst stage in life for men (not so sure about women although I would think they must feel pretty much the same).

Going to cocktail parties was part of our lives when I was a bank worker. Bankers and small talk, and I mean: small .......... what a drag!

Diving made up for the rigors of toiling and moiling for a very traditional German banking institution....

This was back some 20 years ago - Gosh, I can't believe it: have I changed that much??.....

Well, that looks more like us - as we are now... Charming, huh?

Here is the story that goes with this image. When Felix told us he had met Carmen, and wanted to marry her, we gave him this photograph to show it to her so she could get ready to meet the Fockers ----- errrrr, the Leanders.

And so it goes. :-)

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