Sunday, April 13, 2008

New friends...

...and they are not just the Tiger and black tip sharks. As of yesterday I had the pleasure to meet and dive with a diverse and interesting group of people including professional freedivers William Winram (more on him later - amazing story to tell), Fred Buyle (excellent photographer and freediving world record holder), and Pierre Frolla (also holds several freediving world records, loves to tell jokes at the dinner table and loves to be on film). Then there is James Newell (former Special Forces turned watchmaker - owns Riedenschild in Germany - more on this later as well).

As far as the diving goes, it has been outstanding and the interaction with the tiger sharks above standard (definitely not sub-standard). On the second day I felt much more comfortable, though I have to admit that I still had the butterflies right before jumping into the water. So far I have over one hour of footage - obviously needs a lot of editing, but there are definitely some good shots among the material.

Tomorrow we will obviously go out again and meet up with our friends (both humans and sharks).


Anonymous said...

Freediving with tigers AND frolla, buyle, and winram?!! You guys picked a hell of a time to go. Looking forward to the pics. Sorry to hear about your housing

Unknown said...

Yeah Rob - has been quite a treat. Video camera is done for, working with one of my dad's now.