Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last Dive

Photo by: Steven Benjamin

My vacation has come to a bitter end - to think that I will be in NYC on Wednesday preparing for a presentation.

The seas were fairly moved today and we had a few freedivers feeding the sharks with regurgitated breakfast - not a pretty scene. The tiger shark interaction was great once again. I spent most of the day trying to get close-up shots of my dad kissing the tiger sharks on the forehead (hope there is one or two good photos, had to deal with a lot of underwater shouting and dirty looks from him).

Just wanted to give a shout out to the Blue Wilderness team: Steven, Russell, Marcus, Gail, Pkee, Broderick, and BJ for a wonderful time.


Wolf Leander said...

Dirty looks?.... Hmmmmmmmmmmm, well, yes, maybe.

I wanted to give you some photographic tips gained through hard, and sometimes painful, experience. You shouda seen the dirty looks you gave me in return... :-)

When two or more Leanders get together, harmony is not the brand of "glue" usually seen in normal families... hahahahahaha.

Nichts fuer ungut, Felix - I love you!!!! BIG TIME!!!

carmen c de narvaez said...

Ya que los tuburenes les dan un dirty look... aqui desde managua les damos love look, un aplauso por valientes, que dichosos que son, me imagino la experiencia es increible. Cuidense mucho.
Carmen Cecilia