Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aliwal Shoal Tiger Sharks - a brief update

Aliwal Shoal Tiger Shark girl - safe for now; but how long?

So far, no arrest has been made. The fisherman who killed the sharks is free to go about his business but will certainly not touch any sharks in the MPA - at least not while the case against him is pending.

Friends of mine wanted to see, and photograph, the corpus delicti (frozen and locked) but were denied access to the tiger shark carcasses that have been confiscated a few weeks ago.

We all hope that the culprit will be convicted to the full extent of the law. The judges have a unique chance to use this case to show that they mean 'business' when they read out the sentence. That message should resonate throughout South Africa, and beyond.

Peter Symes, Editor of the X-Ray Magazine, and Fiona Ayerst, a South African lawyer and underwater photographer, have written two passionate features on the subject. Please read them, and send the links to your friends:

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