Sunday, February 03, 2008

Will this logo mean anything...

My dad sent this email below to a Shark Group on Google - wanted to share to see if anyone had any suggestions:

"While I was showering this morning, I had an idea that is probably a bit naive. I will share it with you, though. Who knows - it might be feasible.

We have been talking about the possibility of drawing the world's attention to the shark finning problem using the Beijing Olympic Games as a PR-pltaform from whence to make a world-wide appeal to boycott the games.

We know that the Chinese authorities have already taken the decision not to serve shark fin soup during official events so as to not offend Western guests' sensitivities. This is, of course, absolutely ridiculous as it only reflects a clumsy attempt to fool the world. Jack Ma of Alibaba has publicly declared that he and his family do not eat shark fin soup anymore - and will not even consider stopping his company from actively trading shark fins. Same thing.

My proposal would be that the large and well known conservation organizations join forces to launch this one specific project: "Help the Sharks survive - do not support the Beijing Olympic Games".

There are many highly respected organizations that could unite and perhaps delegate the management of the campaign to one organization:

Shark Research Insitute
Save Our Seas Foundation
Shark Alliance
Shark Trust
The Sea Shepherd
The Humane Society

..... individuals such as Jean-Michel Cousteau and Rodney Fox, and others.

I understand each of these groups have their own agendas. However, having in common the same basic goal - protecting the marine fauna - it should be possible to coordinate a joint campaign once.

With the synergies thus applied the boycott message could resonate loudly throughout the world - and in mainland China where the population at large is probably not aware of the "issue" and, therefore, cannot establish a link between the consumption of shark fins and an ecological disaster with far-reaching consequences for humanity.

Could this topic be worth discussing it between ourselves before moving forward?

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