Monday, January 07, 2008

Dances with Sharks

These are two photographs taken by Paul Spielvogel, Staff Photographer of Eli Martinez's Sharkdiver Magazine. Paul is an attorney, and photographing sharks is his hobby - or should I say his 'passion'? When Paul and I met on a fantastic Tiger Shark trip organized by Eli on Scottie Smith's Dolphin Dream II, we both immediately sensed that our 'chemistry' is made of the same elements... It is gratifying to meet congenial people.

I really like these pics: With them Paul captured the essence of my love for sharks. Whatever I had to say about digital photography (see the Nikonos V blog posted recently) does not apply here. I am glad Paul had a digital camera while I was playing with the sharks.

The lemon sharks of Tiger Beach are adorable, very much like a bunch of friendly dogs. They don't mind you being there, they might bump you gently but are not aggressive at all. The lemons of Tiger Beach are a real treat!

The tiger girl I am touching on her back is "Olga" - she is a cool 11 - 12 ft babe who established a special relationship with Folkart which I will keep discreetly as a secret.... :-)

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