Monday, December 03, 2007

Mother and calf

The day started out overcast and foggy, not very conducive to getting into the cold water. We spent the first half of the morning diving around a freshwater spring. The visibility was absolutely stunning, almost impossible to tell a difference between above or under the water. However, there were no manatees in sight. Moving to a second recommended spot, the visibility went to about 3 ft, still no manatees , they may have been there, but impossible to see.

Right before coming home for lunch, we came across a enormous mother manatee and her calf. The interaction was great - she let me scratch he "fin pit" and I think there are some decent video shots (will post soon). The Wolf says that he may have captured one or two photos - curious to see how they come out.

Tibu had his first boat experience, he seemed more like a spooked lizard - see photo above. Tomorrow we are off to Ft. Myers with a stop in St. Petersburg to meet up with Kris and possibly Tampa before heading back home.

Has been a great, relaxing, short, vacation.

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