Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shark Branded

One of the younger members of a shark discussion group recently got a tattoo of a tiger shark (see photo above). Thought it would be best for Kris Custer to describe why she got it in her own words:

"I have loved sharks for as long as I can remember. When I went to the zoo, I went straight to the fish tanks. When at the aquarium, I would wait for hours to see the shark feeds. When I watched Jaws for the first time I cried not for the men that die, but for the shark that was brutally slaughtered at the end of the show. Now I am an intense shark enthusiast, diver, and conservationist. I am currently attending Eckerd College for a degree in marine sciences.

According to Polynesian legend, a shark tattoo on the ankle is meant to symbolize good fortune and longevity. Sharks are considered to be guardians; some are even worshiped as deceased ancestors' reincarnates come back to watch over the living. I designed this tattoo to be a tiger shark because I really love tiger sharks. They are so beautiful, and have such unique characters. One day (hopefully this November!) I plan on diving with tigers."

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