Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Discovery Shark Week 2007

So Discovery’s Shark Week has come to an end and to be completely honest, I have mixed feelings. Opposed to getting into details, I have decided to give a one sentence thought of each episode.

Ocean of Fear: The Worst Shark Attack Ever: Turns out that it was not the worst shark attack ever, in fact some survivors never even saw a shark – hype in title for ratings.

Deadly Stripes: Tiger Sharks: By far the best episode, great human/shark interaction, Mark Addison seems like a stand-up guy (my dad can attest to that) – really enjoyed it…hype in title for ratings.

Shark Feeding Frenzy: Sucked, the human / tuna blood test was a joke...hype in the title for ratings.

Perfect Predators: Don’t remember this episode, enough said...hype in title for ratings.

Shark Tribe: Some people still respect sharks…old school.

Sharks: A Family Affair: Good episode – reminded me of the Leander clan – including the fights ☺

Sharkman: A bit too long, but it was nice to see the human/shark interaction.

My friend Erin did mention something to me that just goes to show the effect Shark Week had – I have asked her to write for the blog and will post it shortly.

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Nice observation, thanks.