Monday, July 23, 2007 in Business Week...

...and it is not about their success in China, it's about their business platform supporting the trade of shark fins. The persistence is paying off and mainstream media is taking notice. The article, Sharks Circle China's, was written by Bruce Einhorn. continues to stand by their position saying: "We had an open dialogue with activists, we took their suggestions and opinions on board and reviewed our policies…. We decided that our current policy is the appropriate policy at this time." -
Alibaba spokeswoman Christina Splinder.

There was not much of a dialogue with the "activists" - more like fluff that did not mean anything and an attempt to brush them off.


Anonymous said...

"We had an open dialogue with activists, ... " - Alibaba spokeswoman Christina Splinder

Simply not true. One is not a plural word. It was private, not open. And quite clearly, nothing was taken on board. So we are not just into spin, it is lies.

Wolfgang Leander said...

brian: to the point, as always!!

i have already written a brief note to cristina spindler challenging her quoted statement.