Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Amazon Responds

Amazon.com has removed the Shark Fin products from their virtual shelves and have actually responded to our communication. See response below:

Dear Mr. Leander,
My name is Peg Anderson of Amazon.com's Executive Customer
Relations. Jeff Bezos received your e-mail and has asked me to
reply on his behalf. Thank you for your message regarding the removal of shark fin soup
from the Amazon.com website.

I have passed your further comments on to the appropriate department
within our company for their consideration. Although I cannot
guarantee when or if such actions will take place, please rest
assured that your feedback is being heard.

We appreciate the time you spent to write to us to communicate your
feelings on this issue.We look forward to seeing you again at Amazon.com.


Peg Anderson"

Some companies get it - others still do not...Alibaba.com - when will we hear from you? Maybe Amazon.com will become even more active on the issue.

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