Saturday, January 06, 2007

We did not check our anchor rope - almost cost us our lives...

Back in 1997 I would regularly go to the pool at college - swimming and diving exercises. I was preparing for the summer vacation - Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas. I just wanted to make sure I would physically fit upon arriving.

On our second or third day out on the reef, we (father, mother, and friend) anchored the boat and were spearfishing. Every once in a while I would pop my head out of the water to look at the boat...seemed a bit far away. Shortly after, the first sharks started to appear, making everything a bit more interesting and exciting.

It was then that we noticed the boat was drifting into the open ocean, bimini top was still up serving as a sail, did not help the situation. My dad and I gave our spears to mom and friend and started swimming after the small white spec. Halfway through, my dad looked at me and said: "GO"...he was exhausted and could not swim any further. It was the first time I saw my dad give up (not on purpose...he just could not go on).

I kept on...all of a sudden a barracuda started chasing me, just curious, but enough to get me more rattled than I already was. Finally, I was able to reach the boat, the pool had paid off and we learned a new lesson, always check the anchor rope to ensure it is not chafing with rocks or corals.

We later found out that two years earlier, a couple had not been so lucky and drowned .

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