Monday, January 29, 2007

First shark...

Believe it or not I clearly remember the first time I ever saw a shark in the ocean. It was 1981 and my father and I were diving in the Red Sea (Israel). In those days I had not mastered how to use a snorkel yet - so I had to pop my head out of the water every few seconds. I also used my dad as a floating device - always wishing that he would come up fast (while he was filming) so that I could climb on his back.

On one of his submersion's I noticed he was following something larger than usual...I could not believe it, a white tip shark. It was HUGE - at least to me (being small and all). Not having a snorkel and completely exciting I started swallowing water as I tried to get my head underwater as fast as possible. The shark swam by completely, un-phased by our presence. I think my dad was just as excited, little did he know that 20 years later he would be photography these beautiful animals. What seemed like an eternity - was actually just a matter of a few seconds - but enough to find a permanent place in my head. See video below - that was my first shark experience.

First shark I ever saw capture on a Super 8 by my dad in the Red Sea (Israel)

My father had a Super 8 and I have been able to digitize most of his films - talk about tedious editing compared to what we can do on computers these days.

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wolfgang said...

nice memories came back reading this story. i will never forget felix's amazement at that fabulous sight: his face was ALL big eyes!!!!! i have to add that felix was an incredibly sweet little boy in those REALLY good old days... when i swim with him today, i sometimes wish he would turn into that little fellow who climbed on my back as soon as i surfaced. oh well.... soon i will climb on his back when i get exhausted from trying to go down to 10 feet... :-)